Friday, December 31, 2010

Responsibility for the New Year

The most recent e-mail from Elder Anderson has some exciting news!
Here is the exact quote:
"Welcome to the new year (almost).  This week has been very fun and intresting.  I'll first start with transfers and how that kinda went crazy for a couple of days.  So on christmas i told everybody we are getting phone calls weather or not we get transferd and we would find out that night if we were or not. Well around 6 pm on christmas night we got a voicemail and we were pretty excited about the news and if anybody was going to be transfered. Well the message was from the ap's and it was talking about transfers but problem was they said that we weren't going to find out until monday night and that we have to wait for the news.  How lame is that :(  i had to wait for another 2 days jsut thinking about if elder morgan and i are getting split up and who my companion will be and what area we will be shipped off to war in.    Well with a long but very exciting two days that went by monday arrived and we got a few voicemails saying a few things that we were quite excited about.  We found out that with the phone call with transfers we will not just find out if we are getting transfereed but we will find out were we are going and who our companion is.  THE WHOLE 9 Yards.  So we were pretty excited. And thinking that elder morgan was district leader and that he was getting so much attention from the mission president i was like 85% sure i was leaving so on monday morning i actualy started to clean up around the house and get my stuff reall organized for the long pack for me being transfered.  But as i was doing that we got  a voicemail!!  It was transfers and there were some dramatic changes that were being made with this area.  We found out some really intresting things in those quick 3 mins.  Elder morgan is getting transfered i am staying in the evergreen ward but elder morgan is just literally going to the ward right next to me and our ward boundries are 100 yards from the house i am staying at. Also i am getting a new companion of course and i know who it is. YOu all do. HAHA he was in the mtc with me he is elder dixon and he previously served in pasco, WA and got sent over here with me.  I have alot of pressure on my shoulders now. President knows i can handle things well and he is putting me in charge of the entire area with two missionarys that don't even have more then 6 months experience together total. So i can feel the pressure but i can just feel the excitment and the anticipation for this transfer cause i know it will be a very fun one and it will be amazing!!!  
Christmas was last week as everybody knows and i was able to talk to everybody!! :D  I appreciate all of the time you guys gave me for being able to talk to you and i appreciate you maybe missing some of your time with other familys to have the chance to talk to me. It means alot. Also thank you for the presents that so many of you sent and thank you for the christmas cards. It means alot ot have the family/ friends care about me.  Thank you expecially to Britni, mom & dad, And jake and amber for this christmas and all of there efforts they put in for making it one of the best christmas's i could ever ask for. 
And so to the family i am still in my area for at least another 6 weeks so that means go ahead and keep on sending your letters directly to the house if you feel like it and a reminder to amy that she needs to send the 3 letters that she has already addressed and stamped so i can hear how she is doing and how my wonderful hooligans of necies and nephews are going.  
Thank you all for all that you do and thank you for a wonderful christmas."

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The BEST Christmas OoVoo Ever

A bit of explanation after telling all who read this "Merry Christmas!"

There is a program sort of like Skype where you can video conference called OoVoo.  OoVoo is a program on the computers of the members where Elder Anderson is staying in Vancouver so we put it on our computer, too.  With ooVoo you can video conference more than two computers, so yesterday when Elder Anderson called home, most everyone was at his home, but one family was away but were able to participate anyway.  It was such a great present to see Ben.  He is supremely happy and even complained once that he was smiling so much his cheeks hurt!
Here are a couple of pictures of the family gathered around the laptop.
 He called at about 10 AM on Christmas Day.  Some of the siblings were already here, others weren't.  Britni was here all ready to go!  Ben's parents got to speak for a couple of minutes first and then each family got 3 or 4 minutes. 
 Even Shadow got a turn.  She heard his voice but couldn't figure out where he was!  It was so cute with her ears perking up and her head twisting from side to side!  Elder Anderson enjoyed this immensely!

 You can see Elder Anderson on the left and his sister and brother-in-law on the right.

Britni got her specially made by Ben crocheted scarf while she was talking to him.  She loved it.  Elder Anderson said that he spent his time between 9:30 and 10 PM many nights making the scarf!

Ben seems sincerely happy and his family misses him immensely but we are so glad he is doing such a good job!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pictures - a Great Christmas Gift!

Last week , as I was leaving a store, someone called my cell phone.  She asked for "Sister Anderson" and I replied that was me.  She said she was a member of Elder Anderson's ward in the Evergreen Stake in Vancouver, Washington and that she was having the elders over for dinner that night.  She wanted to know what sort of food he liked to eat (I told her he'd eat just about anything) and she then proceeded to tell me that Ben and his companion were really good missionaries.  She said she wouldn't call his parents if he were a mediocre missionary like some of them were!  She also said that they seem to get along great and work well together.  Ben had previously said that they love each other like brothers and that they fight like brothers, too haha.  (He always adds those "hahas" just like he were texting on his phone!.  The best thing she said was that 98% of the time she can tell who the new missionary was but with Ben she most certainly could not!  She said he just doesn't seem new.  That was great news to Elder Anderson's family!

We were then so excited on Saturday when we found an envelope in our mailbox with a return address of Vancouver, Washington!  It had been over a month since we had gotten something like that in our mail.  Inside was an SD card of pictures including a guided tour of Elder Anderson's place.  Here's how great he looks!

He said that this was the first snow Vancouver had had in two years and everyone there was so excited!  You can still write him a Merry Christmas card and send it if you do it soon!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

No sugar at Christmas? That IS a miracle!

Elder Ben seems to be doing good in Vancouver, Washington.  He says that the weather is better in December than it was in October and November, less rainy.  He says he is NOT missing the rain!  
(Note - Ben types like he texts!  His mother has been fixing the lower case i's and turning them into I's and fixing the words that aren't capitalized, but she's tired of doing that.  So partway through this blog, Ben's mom quit fixing some of his misspellings!) 
Here are some more comments:
  1. "The holiday season is finally here and I am getting into the spirit of Christmas.  I have been listening to Christmas songs and have been singing along and loving it. But as a sister of mine had said she missed the Christmas songs that home played. Well I'll admit it. I am missing Christmas music alot."  He asked for The Forgotten Carols and his big brother, Jake and big sister Amy, found it an alot of other Christmas CD's and over-nighted them to him!  We're sure he'll be so happy because as he says in the next comment -
  2. I'd love to have that CD and "preferably before [Christmas] so I don't have to listen to it just on Christmas day and then put it away for a year haha."
  3. "Congratulations for a certain little somebody that isn't so little anymore and that has now been accepted into the fold.  Little Isabel. . . has been baptized as of Dec 4th and i would like to say to her how proud i am of her and i wish i could have been there but i am helping others do the exact same thing that she did and it is very important. I am so proud of her and want to tell her that her favorite uncle is out here supporting her." 
  4. Last but not least i would like to brag about myself haha.  I want to tell you all that i have officially been on i would like to say a sugar diet for about a month and a half now. My companion and i are not allowed to eat sugar unless it is desert at a members after dinner because that would be rude if we didn't take it ;) .  But i am proud of myself. And would like to put out there that i have lost 10 lbs sense i have left the MTC and i am planning on losing another 10 before christmas.  I hope so. And with hope anything can be possible.
 What an example - dieting at Christmas time!  Wow! 
Elder Ben asks for all who are reading his e-mails or this blog, to send him your questions so he can let us know things we are interested in.  Here is his address again.  The next transfers take place after Christmas.
Elder Benjamin Anderson

Vancouver, WA 98682

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Temples, Car Accidents and Grey Days

We waited and waited for e-mail to come on Tuesday this week, but it came later in the day than usual. Why?  Because the missionaries were able to go the the Portland Temple.  He spent Thanksgiving at the bishop's house.
Here are some excerpts from Elder Ben's last e-mail:

1. While in Portland, they got to some famous places for a few minutes.
2.  Also "I was able to see my first car accident right in front of me today on the freeway. I now agree with some other people that I really do not like to drive in the pouring rain."
3.  "It's starting to get really grey here all the time and the sun sets by around 4 PM and rises around 7 AM so I am starting to miss the vitamin D. 
4.  We also got some bad news for the family and friends back home :(  Andon has not quit smoking as of now and so we have to postpone his baptism and set a goal to have it on Britni's birthday :D.. But I'm also scared because by then I could be out of the area and I won't be able to see him get baptised if I leave. But I know I was lucky enough to see him and help him progress.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Shiver to the Bone"

Elder Anderson had a good week, but I'd like to know has he had a bad week yet?  He says that "This place will forever have a soft spot in my heart and I will always be thankful for the opportunity and privilege to serve here in the best place in the U.S.A."
"The work here is going good and we have been able to make some progress with the people we have been seeing.  The less active members are starting to come back to church which Elder Morgan says he has never seen in the last 8 months he has been a missionary.  I would say almost 75% of them have showed up at least once to church since we have been teaching them.  And that is just a score right there.  We are having a very different week this week and actualy are very excited for it.  This week we have zone confrenece, Thanksgiving, and a baptism and I already just know that those days are just going to fly by. So before you know it Sunday will be here and I will be on the verge to write you again. :D   ... we are loving the work.; I have been smiley and happy the whole time and have been loving it here.  
"The snow has come and we are starting to see the realy humid cold that everybody is talking about. You are truly not safe outside. HAHA.  It just goes straight through your clothes and makes you shiver to the bone. But I would rather be cold out there then in a 90 degree basement where you sit all the time.  The work is great and I would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and tell you how much I appreciate all of support and best of wishes for me.  You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember that this is a time to give thanks to the Lord. 
"I am thankful for the oppertunity to grow here as a missionary and be able to share the gosepl with all of the wonderful people that I love in the WKM and I wish I could share that with you." 
You can almost hear the smile in his voice, can't you?!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Prayers are Answered

What prayers were answered?  Last week Elder Anderson asked us to pray for him that he would find people to teach the Gospel to.  If you read # 3 below, you'll see why this title for this blog.

He will be staying in his Evergreen Ward in Vancouver, Washington through the holidays!  If you want to send him a Christmas gift, you can send it to:
Elder Benjamin Anderson

Vancouver, WA 98682
Here are some highlights of the past week:
  1.  I have enjoyed being able to do a bunch of work and see all of our investigators and less actives within the ward. 
  2. I was able to give a blessing to a lady who is getting baptised this friday. And that was a very humbling experience. Her foot was hurting her very badly and she was told by the docter that she has gout or however you spell it.
  3. This week was the best work week we have had sinse we have been here.  We were able to get double digits in lessons this week and we were able to talk to at least 5 investigators.  
  4. This morning has been very intresting as well. We set up a trap about  a week ago and we put fish and nuts in there to attract some animals that we havn't seen but are looking for. This animal is like  a rat and has a very ugly long tail. Well we caught one this morning. it was a possum. I got pictures of it and will be sending them to mom and dad soon. But would like to fill up the card a little more before i send it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

And his faith grows...

Elder Ben is finding that miracles happen in real life!  Here is a quote from his last e-mail.

"We have also seen the work of the Lord with our investigator though his process of trying to quit smoking before his baptism.  We have been praying for him and he has been sincerly praying for himself.  This week he was eating a fish (like all Micronesians do-  haha)  and . . . after eating fish for all his life for the first time in years a fish bone stuck him right in the cheek very hard and caused a very painful gash. This gash became swollen and started to get infected. He couldn't eat and was in very much pain. But to our great astonishment the sore only truly hurt very bad when he bagan to smoke.  This then caused him to stop smoking for days. He is still continuing without smoking . .. This has been truly a miracle and has made my faith grow even more."

One of the families in his area has had him over for dinner at least twice and sent pictures of Ben and his companion, Elder Morgan.  She says, the elders came over for a "delicious dinner of chicken, potatoes, broccoli, rolls and chocolate cake. They are such fine young men we are so happy to have them in our stake. They work hard and are anxious to share the gospel. I appreciate their example for my two youngest sons. Matthew is on the left and Spencer is on the right. Their friend Mitchell is right in the middle, he is in our ward as well. We'll always have a spot for your boys in our home and in our hearts, thanks for raising such great young men."
 Elder Ben's parents have told the Nords that they will be our friends for life simply for letting us see pictures of our son!

 Note that there is a cute black dog right next to Elder Ben's feet.  He was probably petting the puppy before this picture was taken because he's such a soft heart when it comes to dogs!

Elder Ben isn't so good with getting pictures of himself sent home, but he did take a few of his apartment which is in the basement of a nice couple whose children are all grown.  He says they are really nice folks and " I love this city and I love this mission. This truly is the best place to be a missionary.  I am able to see rich and poor, faithful and unfaithful, diseased and not diseased and I truly can say that this has made my love for these people and for my Savior grow exponentially."

 Wow, pretty organized!
 I think some of these ties have come from some of Elder Ben's family.  Do you recognize any of them?
 The secretary in Elder Ben's mom thinks they're doing a pretty good job of being organized!
 We enjoy seeing pics of Elder Ben's companion, but WISH HE'D TURN THE CAMERA AROUND ONCE IN A WHILE!

 This must be the backyard of the house he is staying in.
  We think this must be a picture taken from the front of their place.

The family they live with is the Fosse family.. "He designs kitchens if anyone is interested. HAHA.  And they are great people. No kids at home. They have 2 boys out of the house and married.  His wife works for the Salvation Army over in Portland as well. They are wonderful people. Love them to death."

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Elder Anderson is starting to really embrace the purpose of his time in Washington.  Here are some excerpts from his last e-mail to his family:

" I can't put my finger on what was so specificaly fun [about this week] or why I enjoyed it so much. But I do think it is just me knowing I am doing what is right and I am doing the savior's work. I know that what I am doing is true and I know that I am truly blessed for it.  I am in love with doing this work and I will never forsake it. I hope that all of you know of the truthfullness of this as well as I do and that you never forsake it.  This is the only true and living gospel. Jesus Christ is my brother and my personel redeemer. He bled for every one of us and he knows the pains and the joys I have gone trhough.  He is the life and light of the world and he lives. He still lives!! He will come to this earth again. And I will be able to feel those nail holes in his hands and in his feet and I hope and pray and will continue with all my heart that I will be able to look him in the eye and say I have done my best. I have given 100% and I am worthy to enter into that kingdom with him and with my heavenly father.  And I know that even if.. Even if. I am not able to enter into that kingdom of heaven with my lord and savior He will open his arms and welcome me. He will embrace me and we will weep together for joy and for our fellow brothers and sisters. 

I am so very happy for this gospel and for what it has done for me and what it will do for me in the future.  I miss my family. I miss my friends. But I will never give this up. This work is far more important.  I forgot my planner so I don't have the scripture down right now. But I think it is in D&C 88 where it says "when you are in the service of your fellowmen... you are only in the service of your God"!!!    WOW.  I am in the service of my God.  I am so grateful to be able to do this and follow his church. I love the people here.  (Even though sometimes they ditch us and leave us out to get soaked when they don't answer the door when we have appointments).  But they are all wonderful and I pray for them with much sincerity every night."

There were no specific mentions of his investigators or funny stories, but his family thinks that this might just be the best e-mail he's sent yet!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Elder Anderson and the Micronesian

According to Elder Benj,

"This week has been wonderful.  We have had some new investigators and we have met some very determined people that want to hear about the gospel.  We committed somebody to baptism yesterday.  YAY!!!  He is planning on being baptized on Dec. 4th.  He is from Micronesia.  He is about 34 years old and loves the spirit and knows that we are sent here for a special reason.  He is very loving and has that islander personality.  He is very funny, laughs alot and always is smiling.  He always gives us so much food and makes sure that we finish it all and always keeps us satisfied.  This week we had papaya and turkey tail. HAHA.  TURKEY TAIL.  It was wierd but amazingly really good. ;)   He is getting married on Nov 4th and we are so excited for him."
And even though we sent him more ties, "Does anybody have any polyester ties?  All my silk ones are getting wet and actualy are starting to get ruined so I am only trying to wear the crappy ones :( .  Hopefully you have good looking polyester ties if anybody feels charitable enough to help me out :D."

His parents love that he sent a scripture for us to read and consider - ALMA 34: 28-29,32.  He says, "This scripture is very important to me and I really think this is how we should be.  So please read it with your families or just in private and if possible send your response on what you think about it to me before next week."
 Funny story for the week -
"This week as we were standing on the curb waiting for one of our members to pick us up for dinner we were talking as cars were zooming by.  There was a Scion that drove by that had blaring music.  The driver and passenger inside were around 25 and had full on facial hair.  These men were head bobbing to their music.  We thought nothing of it. But as they went by a second time I started to laugh cause of something I remembered at home.  These two men looked like the hamsters on the commercial where they are listening to music and head bobbing to it in there car.  We laughed so hard.  So if you get the chance look that up on youtube or something and then you will know what I saw this week haha"
"The rainy season has started. There should be no sun coming through the clouds now for supposedly 90 days. So that will be interesting.  The roads are always wet here so if anybody is scared of the rain ;) they might not want to live up here."
Elder Anderson's family is so proud of his dedication and so thrilled that he is helping to bless people's lives.  He has three more weeks before he could be transferred, so if you're sending ties, be sure to do it soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love, love, love Tuesdays!

Elder Ben has done a good job so far of sending his family an e-mail on Tuesdays, his preparation day.  Today he wrote a long one with lots of newsie news.

It was his second "p-day" in the mission field and he says he loves teaching the gospel.  Yesterday he taught an investigator from Micronesia whom he describes as "very, very nice" who feeds them lots of food including 2 plates of rice with "good stuff to put top of it. (i guess it was papaya and beef)."  He called it "really different," but so good that he didn't have dinner at the member's house that night.

His routine includes"getting up at 6:30 every morning. Just like normal and doing some excerises and making myself some breakfast.  Then getting ready.  At 8 i have personal study and kinda recharge my knowledge for the day. at 9 we go into comapnionship study and start to go through the lessons we have planned for the day and plan a lesson for them.  At 10 we go out and start tracting or go to an appointment. We really don't enjoy early morning tracting everybody is waking up and is mean. HAHA.  at 12 we have lunch and we make that back at the house. Just simple things like pb&J or top roman or anything nice and easy.  After that we go back out to our appointments or tract tell 5.  At 5 or 5:30 we go have dinner with members.  We have dinner planned for us at a members house every night. It is very fun. HAHA.  We always have desert and a huge meal cause of course it is a really big deal that the missionarys are over."

They present a message they prepared for the family and ask them to pray for them and other missionaries around the world.  He says that they are so full that they "can't walk cause they fed us so much" and so the members drive them home!  They get ready to go out tracting or to go on an exchanges at 7. Exchanges are when each missionary goes out with a different member of the ward and they enjoy this a lot. 

"And we go tell around 8:30 or 9 depending on if we are at an appointment or not.  People just don't like us knocking on doors around 8:30 at night. I don't understand why ;) .  We then go home and plan for the next day. Who we are going to teach or what area we are going to tract." 

They get out of the dress clothes they have been in for 13 or more hours and either go get in bed and say companionship prayer or "we play hacky sack and talk to the family that we live with until about 10. "

"And then we hit the sack and pray for our families back home and look at your pictures write in our journals and then dream about all of yall back home.  That is my day most every day and i enjoy it alot."

He tells of his first day tracting when they were let into a home by a young Russian girl whose sister ended up coming out into the room they were in twice dressed only in a towel!  What a first day of tracting experience!
He "would love pictures of the mountains with all of those trees turning nice colors" and as much snail mail as possible." 

Fix the Address!

Good-ole UPS - how hard could it be to figure things out?

Apparently Elder Ben gave us the wrong zip code to his house in Vancouver.  His zip code is actually 98682, not 98684.    Here's the (I think!) right address.

Elder Benjamin Anderson
Vancouver, WA 98682

Frustration, frustration:(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Like water in the dessert!

Ben's parents received an e-mail from folks in Washington that fed Elder Ben and his companion AND THEY SENT A PICTURE!  We LOVE those people and will do anything for them from this day on.  They say he and Elder Morgan seem to be getting along great and Elder Ben is working hard and being obedient!  Wow!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the Field that is White...or rather Green...

Ben says that where he lives in Vancouver is sort of like living in Orem but with about 5000 more trees!  His area is only about 2 square miles and he walks. His parents have sent money for a bike which he will get soon.  He says he'll lose weight except that each night they eat a a member's house and they feed them well!
More highlights  from today's e-mail - 
1.  "I am loving it and I hope that you have seen the blessings from me being out here as a full time missionary."
2.  "I have seen the blessings from consecrating myself to the Lord and I am loving the opportunities he gives me to spread the gosepl.  
3. " I am waiting urgently for the news of home. I want to know everything. But not through e-mail. Please send me letters -  14006 NE 45th Street, Vancouver, WA,  98684.  I love to get letters,"
4.  He has pictures that his nephews sent hung in his room.
5.  "I am loving it up here in the Washington Kennewick mission."
6.  "My companion's name is Elder Morgan from Orem Utah. He went to Orem High and graducated in 2008.  He played baseball and was the pitcher. He played at UVU and was the pitcher there as well.  I love him to death and he really helps me work hard and love the area."
7. " Dylan got my longboard last sunday.  That was cool and I hope he enjoys that".  
8.  "Also Meg you better let me drive my truck when I get back there or I will wither up and die. I miss that thing and hope you take good care of it.  Sorry I didn't take very great care of it. And btw it needs an oil change really really badly. I am like 7 thousand over."
9.  "Love you all"
 Elder Anderson

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Itty Bitty News But Still Good News Tuesday

We didn't get an e-mail from Ben today (wah!), but did get a letter.  It doesn't say much except -
1.  We didn't send a pillow when we sent the sheet set; he needs a pillow (will be sent tomorrow!)
2.  We didn't send his extra deodorant, toothpaste, etc.; he needs it (will be sent tomorrow!)
3.  Mr. Mac didn't get him the correct back-ordered second set of suit pants; the ones they sent are the wrong color.  I've called the store and they need a picture of the suit coat and pants because they think they sent him the right pants. 
4.  He'd really like more ties because of the 8 he took, one stains his shirt and 7 ties just isn't enough.  He says "I really bad need a lot more ties.  Like a camel needs water."  Funny!  I wondered why he didn't take more (at least a dozen more will be taken out of his closet and sent tomorrow!)
5.  He'd really like a third suit "if money isn't too tight."  Ha-ha.  I just transferred money into his bank account so he can buy a bike!  ....if money isn't too tight!  I don't think he'll be getting a third suit for a while unless one of you wants to buy it!
6.  He is living in a member's home in the basement.  "It is a very nice living area.  I enjoy it."
7.  They've gone tracting "and have had a good time so far."  I wonder what that means?

So that's about it.  He doesn't write very newsy letters, but we know he is doing good.  He is enjoying it and having a "good time." 

we have his mailing address! 
Here it is -
Elder Benjamin Anderson
14006 NE 45th Street
Vancouver, WA  98684

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vancouver, Washington!!!!

Elder Anderson arrived safely in Kennewick, Washington on October 5th!  His parents got phone calls when he was at the airport and he said he was so excited to get out of the MTC "prison."  This was said in jest, but you could tell he was thrilled to be leaving and starting the work.  We know why missionaries aren't encouraged to make phone calls home at least from a parent's perspective.  It's hard to hang up and you can't concentrate for the rest of the day!  We imagine it must be the same for the missionary.

We received a great letter from the mission president and his wife saying he had arrived safely and that his first area would be Vancouver, Washington which is in the far southwest of his mission near Portland, Oregon. 
 Ben's mom loves how his new mission mom has her hand resting on his arm just like she would do if she were there!  (sigh, sob...)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bye, bye Big White

For those of you out there who were used to Elder Anderson driving the big white Dodge truck around, those days are over.  But you might see an Anderson still using it.  His sister and brother-in-law decided they wanted to use it for deer hunting and other off-road things, so they'll be around the state in Ben's old stand-by.

Dear Elder makes Elder Happy

Elder Ben sent a long, informative e-mail Thursday.  Sorry it's taken me so long to get it posted here, but his mom has been out of town with little internet connection.
Highlights from the last e-mail -
1. Schedule is very hectic.  I am busy all day long. Once i fill up one of my planners i will send it to you which has my daily planning in it and it will blow your mind away. ;) I have to get up at 6 and i go to bed around 10:30-11
2. I got a backpack the second day i was here. I really like it. THe next thing i just need is to get  bladder that i can fill up with water. I have a sleeve for it. I just need  a bladder. I might ask for one when i am in washington.
3. On p day i went to the temple i do personal time. Where i read and can do laundry and even sleep.  Not very much dif on p day except you can relax a little more then normal. But the day still flies by.
4.  I have really liked just being able to stay busy and being able to learn these lessons. I have felt the spirit pretty much the entire time. So that was nice to be able to know that the spirit is with me constantly.  That has  just has made me improve as a person so much more in the last couple of weeks." 
5. Ben loves anything sent through - "Dear Elder is a big thing here. I really like it.  It sends stuff in one day over here and that really is nice to get things right away. So please write through that until i get out in the mission field."
6.  He says that he's getting really organized, has the first two lessons down and a few of the principles as well.
7.  He says, "I really appreciate all of the love you guys give me and would like to tell you that you have helped me through this hard and difficult process that i know is right. Please keep sending me letters and i promise  i will write back asap."

He won't be able to get any letters the same day after Monday, the 4th because he leaves for Washington on the 5th. So send him a same-day message on Monday!

His mission address beginning Oct. 5 is
Elder Benjamin Paul Anderson
Washington Kennewick Mission
8656 W. Gage Blvd. Ste 205
Kennewick, WA  99336
or e-mail him at

Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Guy!

Ben's doing awesome.  His parents got another e-mail Thursday.  Ben is asking that until he leaves the MTC (Oct. 5) that we send letters/packages through  His mailbox is 182 and be sure to use his middle initial (P) in his name.

Some highlights -
1.  He loves getting packages!
2.  He is busy, busy, busy from 6:30 to 10:30 even on p-days
3.  "I have really likde just being able to stay busy and being able to learn these lessons. I have felt the spirit pretty much the entire time. So that was nice to be able to know that the spirit is with me constantly. And that just has made me improve as a person so much more in the last couple of weeks."
4.  "This week I have gotten two lessons down . I have gotten a few principles down as well. That was nice to be able to keep working on those. I have gotten a  book that I can organize as well and keep my thoughts where they should be. And that is nice to be able to just know where everything is."
5.  I really appreciate all of the love you guys give me and would like to tel.l you that you have helped me through this hard and difficult process that I know is right. Please keep sending me letters and i promise  i will write back asap."
6.  "I love you all. Don't forget that."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More news from the MTC!

We got an e-mail and a letter over the last couple of days!  Every letter has mention of our Savior and His mission and it's great to read.  Here is an overview of the e-mail:
  • He is getting along great with his companions and his roomies
  • One of his roommates is going to the same mission he is and so that's cool
  • He's really grateful for the things we have sent, probably mostly the 3 t-shirts for exercise time
  • He wants his puppy to be happy and asks his family to take care of her.
  • He hopes Britni is keeping busy
  • He said they went to the temple and it was "kinda fun and kinda awkward" as he had a clothing malfunction there
  • He says "I have so much stuff to do here. You are scheduled non stop. But I am getting used to it and I am loving the opportunity to teach. I am loving it. I got the first lesson down like that. NOw just learning lesson 2. I hope it goes as easy as lesson one."
  • Say hi to the company. Tell them i am having a good time and enjoying life
The letter came today addressed to his parents.  It included comments like:
  • "Thanks for the packages.  They were really nice of you."
  • He gave the Ho-hos to his companion cause they aren't his favorite (news to his mother!)
  • "But I already ate the Pringles and half of the Cheetos."
  • He was "pretty sure I was going to lose weight the first couple days until I started getting packages and some food with my roommates."
  • "Please know that Christ is our brother and he feels and felt how we have in our lows and highs.  Always go to him...Have faith in Christ."
He will be in the MTC until Oct. 5, so if you want to write to him the easy way, go to  On the left side under "Send Stuff" is "Provo MTC".  Choose that option.  His first name is (of course) Benjamin but write Benjamin P., adding his middle initial.  He says it gets to him faster that way.  His Box number is 182 and his mission is Washington Kennewick, although you don't need that for a letter to the MTC.  His departure date is Oct. 5, 2010.  You can type in over 7000 words and if it's sent by noon, he'll get it the same day, no charge to you (not on weekends).

You can also send a letter this way to him in Washington and it just costs the $.44 of a stamp.  You just set up an account. 


Thank-you all for your prayers for the safekeeping of our elders who are serving the Lord.

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Letter

We got a letter today from Elder Anderson who has been in the MTC since last Wednesday.  We were so excited that he wrote to us.  Here are some highlights:
  • The food isn't as good as he had been lead to believe, but he thinks the salad bar is pretty good.
  • He was worried that he might have trouble with his companions, but he LOVES them!
  • His companion is from Gilbert, Arizona, his other roomies are from South Jordan and Las Vegas
  • One of his roomies is "da bomb!"
  • He doesn't have enough casual shirts
  • He needs those shoe stretcher things...
  • He hasn't shed a tear

So, it seems like all is well for Ben!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm in the MTC!

Last night was Ben's Setting Apart.  All of his immediate family was there plus his Grandma and some of his nieces and nephews.  President Howard Bangerter of the Highland East Stake set him apart with all of the family priesthood holders assisting and Bishop Barry Crosby helping as well.

Today he went into the MTC.  He was very happy.  He will be there until October 5th and then he will fly to Kennewick Washington for 23 1/2 more months!  He is going to be a powerful servant of the Lord!
Almost to the MTC!
Bye Dad.
Bye, Mom.
Happy sister, Supportive Girlfriend.
Bye Elder Anderson, Go With God!
We love you and miss you already so much but know you are where you are supposed to be and the Lord will lift you up and give you the strength you need to fulfill his purposes in you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fare thee Well

We don't call them "farewells" anymore, but I don't know why.  So I'll call the time Ben speaks in Church before he serves his mission his Fare thee Well.  Ben speaks Sunday, August 29th at 9 AM at the Canyon View Ward just off of 4800 W. in Highland.  After that we'll host an open house.  Be sure to come!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Me and Mr. Mac

Go back, way back.  Go back 31 years to Orem, Utah.

Picture two 23 year old young women expecting their second babies who move into new houses three blocks from each other.  Their babies are due one day apart and they each go into labor (finally!) one day apart nine days after their due dates.  One has a baby girl and the other a baby boy.  They are thrilled to share their semi-private rooms at Utah Valley Hospital with each other, raise their kids in the same ward for three more years and become close friends. 

One of those women was Elder B's mom (me) and the other was Karen W.  Her husband was buying into the Mr. Mac line of men's clothing stores.  The baby was Elder B's older sister, K.  Over the years we have kept in touch, often meeting up when we needed a new suit or to outfit a missionary.

Yesterday Elder B and his mom (me) made the trip to buy the suits, white shirts, shoes and ties that he will be wearing for the next two years at the store that Karen's baby, Adam, manages! We didn't meet up with our old friends or their boys, but we do appreciate the awesome treatment at the store.  Those people really know how to outfit our elders!
We had already gotten Elder B a really nice black suit and for his second suit he chose a charcoal gray pin stripe.  He looks great in it!
 He had fun picking the ties.
 Suits, ties, shirts, shoes

Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Week

It's been almost one week since Ben received his mission call.  His mom (me) got the bright idea to start a blog to journal his experiences in Kennewick, Washington.  For earlier entries, please check our other family blog

Tomorrow we take a trip to spend a wad of money on suits, white shirts and ties!  I'll try to take pictures.