Saturday, September 25, 2010

More news from the MTC!

We got an e-mail and a letter over the last couple of days!  Every letter has mention of our Savior and His mission and it's great to read.  Here is an overview of the e-mail:
  • He is getting along great with his companions and his roomies
  • One of his roommates is going to the same mission he is and so that's cool
  • He's really grateful for the things we have sent, probably mostly the 3 t-shirts for exercise time
  • He wants his puppy to be happy and asks his family to take care of her.
  • He hopes Britni is keeping busy
  • He said they went to the temple and it was "kinda fun and kinda awkward" as he had a clothing malfunction there
  • He says "I have so much stuff to do here. You are scheduled non stop. But I am getting used to it and I am loving the opportunity to teach. I am loving it. I got the first lesson down like that. NOw just learning lesson 2. I hope it goes as easy as lesson one."
  • Say hi to the company. Tell them i am having a good time and enjoying life
The letter came today addressed to his parents.  It included comments like:
  • "Thanks for the packages.  They were really nice of you."
  • He gave the Ho-hos to his companion cause they aren't his favorite (news to his mother!)
  • "But I already ate the Pringles and half of the Cheetos."
  • He was "pretty sure I was going to lose weight the first couple days until I started getting packages and some food with my roommates."
  • "Please know that Christ is our brother and he feels and felt how we have in our lows and highs.  Always go to him...Have faith in Christ."
He will be in the MTC until Oct. 5, so if you want to write to him the easy way, go to  On the left side under "Send Stuff" is "Provo MTC".  Choose that option.  His first name is (of course) Benjamin but write Benjamin P., adding his middle initial.  He says it gets to him faster that way.  His Box number is 182 and his mission is Washington Kennewick, although you don't need that for a letter to the MTC.  His departure date is Oct. 5, 2010.  You can type in over 7000 words and if it's sent by noon, he'll get it the same day, no charge to you (not on weekends).

You can also send a letter this way to him in Washington and it just costs the $.44 of a stamp.  You just set up an account. 


Thank-you all for your prayers for the safekeeping of our elders who are serving the Lord.

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Letter

We got a letter today from Elder Anderson who has been in the MTC since last Wednesday.  We were so excited that he wrote to us.  Here are some highlights:
  • The food isn't as good as he had been lead to believe, but he thinks the salad bar is pretty good.
  • He was worried that he might have trouble with his companions, but he LOVES them!
  • His companion is from Gilbert, Arizona, his other roomies are from South Jordan and Las Vegas
  • One of his roomies is "da bomb!"
  • He doesn't have enough casual shirts
  • He needs those shoe stretcher things...
  • He hasn't shed a tear

So, it seems like all is well for Ben!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm in the MTC!

Last night was Ben's Setting Apart.  All of his immediate family was there plus his Grandma and some of his nieces and nephews.  President Howard Bangerter of the Highland East Stake set him apart with all of the family priesthood holders assisting and Bishop Barry Crosby helping as well.

Today he went into the MTC.  He was very happy.  He will be there until October 5th and then he will fly to Kennewick Washington for 23 1/2 more months!  He is going to be a powerful servant of the Lord!
Almost to the MTC!
Bye Dad.
Bye, Mom.
Happy sister, Supportive Girlfriend.
Bye Elder Anderson, Go With God!
We love you and miss you already so much but know you are where you are supposed to be and the Lord will lift you up and give you the strength you need to fulfill his purposes in you.