Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staying in Beautiful Pasco

Elder Anderson is enjoying Pasco, Washington and gets to stay there another six weeks.  Here are some questions and answers from his latest e-mail.

"Today is a great day over here in the great state of Washington.  Its a warm day and i have a car.  What else does a man have to ask for.  My essential needs are taken care of and i can enjoy the time with my fellow missionary friends and learn things such as piano and things hopefully at the church."

1. How is your foot doing? My foot!!  My foot is doing great i have my cast and i am walking a little bit.  I hate having to be stuck in it and not being able to move my ankle it drives me crazy!!!!  But if all goes well i will have it off in 4 weeks and then i will be able to run around and have a great time with the missionaries and doing the work.
2. How are your investigators progressing?  We are excited to be working with more and to just be here in pasco.  If you didn't know already i will be staying in pasco for another six weeks with elder Schmidtt
3. What's the weather like?  The weather has been great over here.  Has been really low this year when it comes to temperature.  We are averaging in the mid 90's and we have the car lately so it has been nice to have a/c and not be walking around in the sun.  Even though i have lost some of my tan because of it :(  But that doesn't matter for another year.
4. Do you need anything?  I am in some need soon for some white shirts.  I will be getting rid of all the ones i have now soon because they are starting to rip and to get stained but they will last for a while longer.  But i will need some more within the next two months."

His parents plan to send some shirts soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday and a cast

On July 11th, Elder Anderson turned 20!  Here's what he said about his birthday - 
"Well hello family!! And Friends!!

  How are you all doing?  I know that most of you would all say that you are doing great and that you are enjoying the summer.. .    This last week i had a few miss haps.  As you all know from my last e-mail that i had a problem with my foot getting hurt and i was afraid that i might have broken it but i truly didn't know if i did or didn't.  Well the verdict is out i have broken my fourth metatarsil in my right foot.  Now you say what the freak is that?   Well that bone is the bone that goes from your heel to your toes its like the main bone.  So it hurts a little bit.  Last week i had hurt it during basketball and i went and got a doctor to check it out on Tuesday night.  Well the doc didn't know or not if i broke it so he said to stay home for a couple of days and then to get it x-rayed on Friday if it continued to hurt.  Well it still hurt.  I couldn't walk on it.  And the week sucked because i had to just sit at home all day and just do nothing.  (Which was nice cause i got a few letters written)  But on Friday we got the x-ray and we were told that we would get the results of the x-ray on Monday.  So we waited.  On Sunday i was asked to give a talk to the congregation and it was super hard because i didn't have my cast nor did i want to walk up to the stand with crutches and give a talk.  So i stood there on it for 15 minutes and it hurt a little bit.  But yesterday  it was my birthday and i found out that it was broken.   The district through me a good party where we had pizza and cake. It was a fun little event for me.  Then we went home and sat because i can't walk anywhere and then waited for dinner with the simpsons.    We then got my cast and went home and had a few people sign it and then proceed to bed.  I will be getting my cast off on August 22,  it will be my other 6 week companion. :D  I hope you enjoy the pictures now that i got my early birthday present from mom and dad and Britni i was able to send them via e-mail more and you can get direct updates!! :D

   Thank you for the birthday wishes from everyone.  I appreciate them.  And i will continue to update you on the rest of the things that will be going on.  I love you all and would love to update you on any of the other questions you have."

We found out the next day that Elder Anderson will get to stay in this area that he loves and is having success in and he will be getting a car at the end of the week.  I'm sure he is happy about that!

What, a Broken Foot? or Not?

July 6th Message from Elder Anderson -
I am doing great over here.  This week has been an eventful one.  On monday due to the fact it was 4th of july our p-day was moved to the 4th.  But problem was that on a national holiday all of the public stuff is closed.  The library couldn't be used.  So we had to be moved to a different day.  But our zone conference was yesterday so we had to wait tell today.  So i apologize for the late e-mail.  I hope i didn't offend anybody.  I did not forget.  I almost got a family to call and text you guys about it but i had an accident that ended up taking the rest of my evening on monday and tuesday. 
  On monday it was our personal day and we were able to have some fun.  So we went out and about and of course were did we go.  The church!! Haha.  We were there and we played basketball.  Well during my first game we were playing pretty intense and having a dandy good time.  I went to run around a screen that somebody had picked because i had to guard a man really close and i stepped on his foot.  Usually my ankle is pretty strong.  And guess what. This time it was again.  But i found out that your foot isn't as strong as your ankle all the time.  I stepped a weird way and i almost fell to the ground. I couldn't walk and ended up staying in a wheelchair the rest of the day.  Then came zone conference and i talked to the mission president and his wife about my foot.  Well i got it looked at by a doctor because i could barely walk on it.  HAHA.  I was diagnosed with two days bed rest with my foot elevated and ice on it.  If it doesn't get any better during those two days i will be going in for x-rays.  So keep me in your prayers. Haha.  I will get more news to you soon if it is fractured.  The mission presidents wife will give mom a call if i need to get x-rays. 

Thanks for the love