Saturday, February 12, 2011

Transfer Day Info and Pictures!

A nice lady from Elder Anderson's new area took pictures of the missionaries as they met their new companions and went to their new locations.  He looks so happy!
 Elder Anderson and his new companion, Elder Hobbs
 We think that there is a bike inside this box.
 The lady who took these pictures had them over for dinner their first night in The Dalles.  She says" they are living with the Wolf family and it is the greatest because it is sort of in town but out in the country.  They have a car because our ward can be 90 miles out.  Very big ward in area.  He has the best ward in the zone.  Well, maybe Hood River can equal us.  It is a great zone.  They come here and meet on Tuesdays for P days.  I offered golf and he might take us up on that.  He is a real delight and fit in at dinner so natural.  He is a smiling guy and happy.  Just what we like.  People will love him.      Elder Hobbs is from Texas.  But he doesn't talk with a drawl.  They will work good with each other even thought they never met before transfer day."

Thursday, February 10, 2011


After 4 1/2 months in the lovely city of Vancouver, and never serving in any other place in his mission, Elder Anderson has been moved to The Dalles in south eastern Washington.  Here are his thoughts:

"Today is Feb 8th and it is a very exciting but sad day today. . . my last day as being a missionary for the Evergreen Ward.  I am now being transfered and getting a new companion and being doubled into (brand new area for both of us) to the Dalles zone and the Dalles 2nd ward.  I am getting a new companion and he is supposed to be really cool.  . .  For all of you that don't know where the Dalles is, the Dalles is a small town in northern Oregon and is right in the middle of the gorge.  It is right on the side of a huge hill and is really windy and icy there.  So it will be just like home. Small town really windy and icey. HAHA I'm actualy really excited.  I'm ready to have a new area and a fresh start with the people.  I'm looking forward to getting new investigators and having the opportunity to share the gospel to more souls.    Due to the fact that we both knew that this was my last week here in the evergreen ward. Elder Dixon and I decided to make things a little more fun as we walk places and go to different peoples houses.  We made up a new really cool game this week.  We call it street golf.  We use rocks as our golf balls and we use the sewer caps as our holes.  We decide what par the hole is and start to kick our rocks to the hole in however many times we can get it there.   This week we must have played like 50 holes cause it is such a fun game and we both get alot of jokes and things out of it.    Sad news at the same time is that Andon as not baptised but that is completely fine.  We got him to chuch this week and we also got 7 others that we have been working with to come to church as well.  It was a new record for us and it was a very very exciting Sunday.  We even found out that Elder Dixon will be training a new missionary this transfer as well.  So I suppose that President Greer looks highly of us and expects great things out of us at the same time.   This week will be new and different but I am super excited. 

Keep remembering to not send mail to my house here at Evergreen.  Please only send it to
8656 W Gage Blvd. Ste 205
Kennewick, WA 99336"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Transfers soon

Elder Anderson told us that he will find out if he will be transferred or not this Saturday.  SOOOOO, no more snail mail or packages to his house, only to the mission office until further notice.  The mission office address is:
Elder Ben Anderson
Washington Kennewick LDS Mission
8656 W. Gage BLVD, STE 205
Kennewick, WA, 99336