Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's Been Happening in Pasco

Elder Anderson is really enjoying Pasco.  Here are some of his latest comments.
I can't believe time is flying by so quickly now a days.  I can truly say i don't know where the time has gone these last 11 months.  Things have changed so much in my life i could never of imagined it before my mission.  I know you all see a difference as well.  I  want all of you to know first off that i am having a wonderful time over here in the Washington Kennewick mission and that i am super excited for the next 13 months that are ahead of me as well.  I know now and always will know that i can do this work and i can do it for another 13 months. 
   "This last week has been quite an interesting one.  Every elder in my district got sick this last week and were told to stay and have bed rest at least once during the week.  It was super horrible.  I was the only one in the district that didn't get any symptoms of it.  Probably because i carry hand santatizer around on my back pack haha.  But this last week as well we had a mini missionary.  THat is when a priest age kid from the age of 16-19 come out with the missionaries for 2 days and see what it is really like to be a missionary.  WE got one and it was an interesting experience.  Mostly because elder schimdt was sick at the time as well.
  We are excited for more things to happen here in pasco.  We are seeing dramatic changes with the inactive members of the ward.  We are learning to love them and they love us and they are wanting to change and come to christ.  We are excited for them.  The work here is all Inactive or less active work and we are loving it.  Though it doesn't show much success on paper."

He has a walking cast on his foot but that will be off next week and he is really happy about that!