Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Elder Anderson and the Micronesian

According to Elder Benj,

"This week has been wonderful.  We have had some new investigators and we have met some very determined people that want to hear about the gospel.  We committed somebody to baptism yesterday.  YAY!!!  He is planning on being baptized on Dec. 4th.  He is from Micronesia.  He is about 34 years old and loves the spirit and knows that we are sent here for a special reason.  He is very loving and has that islander personality.  He is very funny, laughs alot and always is smiling.  He always gives us so much food and makes sure that we finish it all and always keeps us satisfied.  This week we had papaya and turkey tail. HAHA.  TURKEY TAIL.  It was wierd but amazingly really good. ;)   He is getting married on Nov 4th and we are so excited for him."
And even though we sent him more ties, "Does anybody have any polyester ties?  All my silk ones are getting wet and actualy are starting to get ruined so I am only trying to wear the crappy ones :( .  Hopefully you have good looking polyester ties if anybody feels charitable enough to help me out :D."

His parents love that he sent a scripture for us to read and consider - ALMA 34: 28-29,32.  He says, "This scripture is very important to me and I really think this is how we should be.  So please read it with your families or just in private and if possible send your response on what you think about it to me before next week."
 Funny story for the week -
"This week as we were standing on the curb waiting for one of our members to pick us up for dinner we were talking as cars were zooming by.  There was a Scion that drove by that had blaring music.  The driver and passenger inside were around 25 and had full on facial hair.  These men were head bobbing to their music.  We thought nothing of it. But as they went by a second time I started to laugh cause of something I remembered at home.  These two men looked like the hamsters on the commercial where they are listening to music and head bobbing to it in there car.  We laughed so hard.  So if you get the chance look that up on youtube or something and then you will know what I saw this week haha"
"The rainy season has started. There should be no sun coming through the clouds now for supposedly 90 days. So that will be interesting.  The roads are always wet here so if anybody is scared of the rain ;) they might not want to live up here."
Elder Anderson's family is so proud of his dedication and so thrilled that he is helping to bless people's lives.  He has three more weeks before he could be transferred, so if you're sending ties, be sure to do it soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love, love, love Tuesdays!

Elder Ben has done a good job so far of sending his family an e-mail on Tuesdays, his preparation day.  Today he wrote a long one with lots of newsie news.

It was his second "p-day" in the mission field and he says he loves teaching the gospel.  Yesterday he taught an investigator from Micronesia whom he describes as "very, very nice" who feeds them lots of food including 2 plates of rice with "good stuff to put top of it. (i guess it was papaya and beef)."  He called it "really different," but so good that he didn't have dinner at the member's house that night.

His routine includes"getting up at 6:30 every morning. Just like normal and doing some excerises and making myself some breakfast.  Then getting ready.  At 8 i have personal study and kinda recharge my knowledge for the day. at 9 we go into comapnionship study and start to go through the lessons we have planned for the day and plan a lesson for them.  At 10 we go out and start tracting or go to an appointment. We really don't enjoy early morning tracting everybody is waking up and is mean. HAHA.  at 12 we have lunch and we make that back at the house. Just simple things like pb&J or top roman or anything nice and easy.  After that we go back out to our appointments or tract tell 5.  At 5 or 5:30 we go have dinner with members.  We have dinner planned for us at a members house every night. It is very fun. HAHA.  We always have desert and a huge meal cause of course it is a really big deal that the missionarys are over."

They present a message they prepared for the family and ask them to pray for them and other missionaries around the world.  He says that they are so full that they "can't walk cause they fed us so much" and so the members drive them home!  They get ready to go out tracting or to go on an exchanges at 7. Exchanges are when each missionary goes out with a different member of the ward and they enjoy this a lot. 

"And we go tell around 8:30 or 9 depending on if we are at an appointment or not.  People just don't like us knocking on doors around 8:30 at night. I don't understand why ;) .  We then go home and plan for the next day. Who we are going to teach or what area we are going to tract." 

They get out of the dress clothes they have been in for 13 or more hours and either go get in bed and say companionship prayer or "we play hacky sack and talk to the family that we live with until about 10. "

"And then we hit the sack and pray for our families back home and look at your pictures write in our journals and then dream about all of yall back home.  That is my day most every day and i enjoy it alot."

He tells of his first day tracting when they were let into a home by a young Russian girl whose sister ended up coming out into the room they were in twice dressed only in a towel!  What a first day of tracting experience!
He "would love pictures of the mountains with all of those trees turning nice colors" and as much snail mail as possible." 

Fix the Address!

Good-ole UPS - how hard could it be to figure things out?

Apparently Elder Ben gave us the wrong zip code to his house in Vancouver.  His zip code is actually 98682, not 98684.    Here's the (I think!) right address.

Elder Benjamin Anderson
Vancouver, WA 98682

Frustration, frustration:(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Like water in the dessert!

Ben's parents received an e-mail from folks in Washington that fed Elder Ben and his companion AND THEY SENT A PICTURE!  We LOVE those people and will do anything for them from this day on.  They say he and Elder Morgan seem to be getting along great and Elder Ben is working hard and being obedient!  Wow!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the Field that is White...or rather Green...

Ben says that where he lives in Vancouver is sort of like living in Orem but with about 5000 more trees!  His area is only about 2 square miles and he walks. His parents have sent money for a bike which he will get soon.  He says he'll lose weight except that each night they eat a a member's house and they feed them well!
More highlights  from today's e-mail - 
1.  "I am loving it and I hope that you have seen the blessings from me being out here as a full time missionary."
2.  "I have seen the blessings from consecrating myself to the Lord and I am loving the opportunities he gives me to spread the gosepl.  
3. " I am waiting urgently for the news of home. I want to know everything. But not through e-mail. Please send me letters -  14006 NE 45th Street, Vancouver, WA,  98684.  I love to get letters,"
4.  He has pictures that his nephews sent hung in his room.
5.  "I am loving it up here in the Washington Kennewick mission."
6.  "My companion's name is Elder Morgan from Orem Utah. He went to Orem High and graducated in 2008.  He played baseball and was the pitcher. He played at UVU and was the pitcher there as well.  I love him to death and he really helps me work hard and love the area."
7. " Dylan got my longboard last sunday.  That was cool and I hope he enjoys that".  
8.  "Also Meg you better let me drive my truck when I get back there or I will wither up and die. I miss that thing and hope you take good care of it.  Sorry I didn't take very great care of it. And btw it needs an oil change really really badly. I am like 7 thousand over."
9.  "Love you all"
 Elder Anderson

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Itty Bitty News But Still Good News Tuesday

We didn't get an e-mail from Ben today (wah!), but did get a letter.  It doesn't say much except -
1.  We didn't send a pillow when we sent the sheet set; he needs a pillow (will be sent tomorrow!)
2.  We didn't send his extra deodorant, toothpaste, etc.; he needs it (will be sent tomorrow!)
3.  Mr. Mac didn't get him the correct back-ordered second set of suit pants; the ones they sent are the wrong color.  I've called the store and they need a picture of the suit coat and pants because they think they sent him the right pants. 
4.  He'd really like more ties because of the 8 he took, one stains his shirt and 7 ties just isn't enough.  He says "I really bad need a lot more ties.  Like a camel needs water."  Funny!  I wondered why he didn't take more (at least a dozen more will be taken out of his closet and sent tomorrow!)
5.  He'd really like a third suit "if money isn't too tight."  Ha-ha.  I just transferred money into his bank account so he can buy a bike!  ....if money isn't too tight!  I don't think he'll be getting a third suit for a while unless one of you wants to buy it!
6.  He is living in a member's home in the basement.  "It is a very nice living area.  I enjoy it."
7.  They've gone tracting "and have had a good time so far."  I wonder what that means?

So that's about it.  He doesn't write very newsy letters, but we know he is doing good.  He is enjoying it and having a "good time." 

we have his mailing address! 
Here it is -
Elder Benjamin Anderson
14006 NE 45th Street
Vancouver, WA  98684

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vancouver, Washington!!!!

Elder Anderson arrived safely in Kennewick, Washington on October 5th!  His parents got phone calls when he was at the airport and he said he was so excited to get out of the MTC "prison."  This was said in jest, but you could tell he was thrilled to be leaving and starting the work.  We know why missionaries aren't encouraged to make phone calls home at least from a parent's perspective.  It's hard to hang up and you can't concentrate for the rest of the day!  We imagine it must be the same for the missionary.

We received a great letter from the mission president and his wife saying he had arrived safely and that his first area would be Vancouver, Washington which is in the far southwest of his mission near Portland, Oregon. 
 Ben's mom loves how his new mission mom has her hand resting on his arm just like she would do if she were there!  (sigh, sob...)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bye, bye Big White

For those of you out there who were used to Elder Anderson driving the big white Dodge truck around, those days are over.  But you might see an Anderson still using it.  His sister and brother-in-law decided they wanted to use it for deer hunting and other off-road things, so they'll be around the state in Ben's old stand-by.

Dear Elder makes Elder Happy

Elder Ben sent a long, informative e-mail Thursday.  Sorry it's taken me so long to get it posted here, but his mom has been out of town with little internet connection.
Highlights from the last e-mail -
1. Schedule is very hectic.  I am busy all day long. Once i fill up one of my planners i will send it to you which has my daily planning in it and it will blow your mind away. ;) I have to get up at 6 and i go to bed around 10:30-11
2. I got a backpack the second day i was here. I really like it. THe next thing i just need is to get  bladder that i can fill up with water. I have a sleeve for it. I just need  a bladder. I might ask for one when i am in washington.
3. On p day i went to the temple i do personal time. Where i read and can do laundry and even sleep.  Not very much dif on p day except you can relax a little more then normal. But the day still flies by.
4.  I have really liked just being able to stay busy and being able to learn these lessons. I have felt the spirit pretty much the entire time. So that was nice to be able to know that the spirit is with me constantly.  That has  just has made me improve as a person so much more in the last couple of weeks." 
5. Ben loves anything sent through dearelder.com. - "Dear Elder is a big thing here. I really like it.  It sends stuff in one day over here and that really is nice to get things right away. So please write through that until i get out in the mission field."
6.  He says that he's getting really organized, has the first two lessons down and a few of the principles as well.
7.  He says, "I really appreciate all of the love you guys give me and would like to tell you that you have helped me through this hard and difficult process that i know is right. Please keep sending me letters and i promise  i will write back asap."

He won't be able to get any letters the same day after Monday, the 4th because he leaves for Washington on the 5th. So send him a same-day message on Monday!

His mission address beginning Oct. 5 is
Elder Benjamin Paul Anderson
Washington Kennewick Mission
8656 W. Gage Blvd. Ste 205
Kennewick, WA  99336
or e-mail him at banderson@myldsmail.net

Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Guy!

Ben's doing awesome.  His parents got another e-mail Thursday.  Ben is asking that until he leaves the MTC (Oct. 5) that we send letters/packages through dearelder.com.  His mailbox is 182 and be sure to use his middle initial (P) in his name.

Some highlights -
1.  He loves getting packages!
2.  He is busy, busy, busy from 6:30 to 10:30 even on p-days
3.  "I have really likde just being able to stay busy and being able to learn these lessons. I have felt the spirit pretty much the entire time. So that was nice to be able to know that the spirit is with me constantly. And that just has made me improve as a person so much more in the last couple of weeks."
4.  "This week I have gotten two lessons down . I have gotten a few principles down as well. That was nice to be able to keep working on those. I have gotten a  book that I can organize as well and keep my thoughts where they should be. And that is nice to be able to just know where everything is."
5.  I really appreciate all of the love you guys give me and would like to tel.l you that you have helped me through this hard and difficult process that I know is right. Please keep sending me letters and i promise  i will write back asap."
6.  "I love you all. Don't forget that."