Monday, September 24, 2012

Returning Home with Honor

Elder Anderson has completed his 24 month mission to Kennewick Washington!  It was a joyous reunion at the Salt Lake International Airport!
 There were 7 missionaries coming and lots of families at the airport including Elder Anderson's.
Parents are always so happy!  Ben's parents were no exception!
 Big Sister Amy made sure other sister, Shelby, was able to watch via Facetime.
When big brother, Jacob, returned from his mission, Elder Anderson was 12.  Now Elder Anderson has returned and his oldest nephew is 12.  Dylan wants to be a missionary in 7 years, too.
The three Elder Andersons reunited!
Elder Aldous, Elder Nielsen, Elder Bates and Elder Anderson saying farewell.
The parking garage and the fun a newly returned uncle can have with his niece and nephew.
He got to drive home!  Note the loving arm of his dad.
Shadow dog didn't recognize him at first but it only took a few seconds and he was covered with puppy dog kisses.
Stake President Howard Bangerter came over to officially release Elder Anderson from his calling as a full-time missionary of the Lord.
Elder Anderson got to bear his testimony as a missionary one more time and with that, he was released.  It was a spiritually rewarding experience to hear what he had to say.  He loves his Savior and has become well-acquainted with the atonement of the Lord.
And although it was a very hard thing to do, it was Elder Anderson's mom's responsibility to remove his missionary nametag.  Ben is now moving on with his life - still a representative of the Lord, but now in a different way.  He is doing great!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Name Engraved in Your Heart


You wake up like normal it's another great day
you get out of bed and on your knees to pray
you have so many things to be thankful for...
your family, your investigators, and so much more
you get dressed and put on the same smelly clothes
that have a few stains and maybe some holes
but you still look your best because there's work to do
remember the work is great, and the laborers few
you look at your companion and just have to smile
you miss being around him after only a while
you are used to having someone always there
to listen and at least pretend to care
you have done all your studies and its now time to leave
to go and tell the world the things you believe
so you put on your plaque and walk out the door
still after 24 months your strength starts to soar
that name that you wear besides your own
has helped you get through all the unknown
your savior, redeemer, teacher and friend
 the perfect example of how to endure to the end
in a couple of days you won't wear his name
 and you begin to think things won't be the same
are you ready to leave all of this behind
as you struggle with your new life to find?
but you shouldn't be worried with all that you've braved
day after day his name's been engraved
deep in your heart forever he'll stay
in good times and bad so come what may
just because the mission you'll finish
doesn't mean the work will diminish
there are people at home now waiting for you
so prepare yourself for his work you'll do
and when you need just a little head start
remember the name that's engraved in your heart.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Only 54 more Days!

Elder Anderson will be home on September 18th!  Call his mom for details - (801) 472-8949.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Address

Elder Anderson has moved to a different location.  His address is:
17 S. Roosevelt Apt B
Walla Walla, Washington 99362
He is really enjoying training a new missionary and the people of Walla Walla!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Woohoo! Walla Walla!

Elder Anderson has been transferred to the lovely town of Walla Walla Washington, home of those delicious Walla Walla onions.  His new companion is Elder Swenson from Westpoint, Utah and he's loving the work there.  They have several investigators who have committed to baptism in early May and he is very excited about that.

You can write him at
32 Francis Drive
Walla Walla Washington  99362

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Greatest Story

Elder Anderson shared the most amazing thing in one of his latest e-mails from Longview -
"Elder Russel M. Nelson of the Quorom of the Twelve came to Longview, Washington.  Can you believe that?   He came to just Longview,  nowhere else, just for a stake conference.  HAHA it made the missionaries laugh because there is really not much in Longview!  But I guess the saints are here and that is better than anything else.

Well he sat down with just us missionaries from the west side of the mission, 80 of us, and talked to us for an hour and 15 minutes.  He had some good things to say.   I would like to share with you one of those things. 

As missionaries we are overwhelmed at times and he asked us how we felt.  We told him some of our frustrations.  He then told us that this is how life is sometimes.  It is hard and sometimes feels like there is no hope.  He then told us a story about Gideon. 

Gideon was a man back in the Old Testament who was told to go and defeat an army of nearly 150,000.  That is a lot of people.  He didn't have that many soldiers but he knew he had the Lord on his side.  Well, the Lord said, "I want you to have less men."  He told him this many times until Gideon only had around 300 men left.  300 men left to destroy 150,000 people!  Sounds like impossible.  But guess what?  They win and none of them even get killed.  The odds were 500:1.  It was crazy.  Then Elder Nelson told us something else. 

There are 14 million Latter- day Saints right now and 7 billion people.  If  you do the math it ends up being 500:1.  Even though we are terribly out-numbered we are going to win because we have the Lord on our side.  Just always realize that He is with us.  And even if the odds are 500:1 with the Lord's help they are possible.  And think of it.  The Lord doesn't always work in plain and simple things.  He chose a 90 year old lady to bear  a son named Issac.  He called a virgin to bear us the Son of God.  He lead the Jews out of Egypt on dry ground.  He called a 14 year old boy as a prophet who couldn't even write a letter.  He works in miracles.  He is a God of miracles.  Always remember that.

When times are hard and odds are bad remember your are a child of God and he is a God of miracles.  I know that to be true and that he will answer your prayers.

With love and care to all,


Elder Ben Anderson"

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elder A Loves Longview

Sorry for so long without posting about Elder Anderson.

He is still in Longview with his companion, Elder Joslin, from St. George.  He lives with a wonderful family that is kind enough to let us know that he is doing well.  The Christmas call was wonderful.  We video Skyped for more than an hour and it was awesome.  Elder Anderson has a strong testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ.  He has a deep love for our Savior and lives each day for Him.