Monday, September 24, 2012

Returning Home with Honor

Elder Anderson has completed his 24 month mission to Kennewick Washington!  It was a joyous reunion at the Salt Lake International Airport!
 There were 7 missionaries coming and lots of families at the airport including Elder Anderson's.
Parents are always so happy!  Ben's parents were no exception!
 Big Sister Amy made sure other sister, Shelby, was able to watch via Facetime.
When big brother, Jacob, returned from his mission, Elder Anderson was 12.  Now Elder Anderson has returned and his oldest nephew is 12.  Dylan wants to be a missionary in 7 years, too.
The three Elder Andersons reunited!
Elder Aldous, Elder Nielsen, Elder Bates and Elder Anderson saying farewell.
The parking garage and the fun a newly returned uncle can have with his niece and nephew.
He got to drive home!  Note the loving arm of his dad.
Shadow dog didn't recognize him at first but it only took a few seconds and he was covered with puppy dog kisses.
Stake President Howard Bangerter came over to officially release Elder Anderson from his calling as a full-time missionary of the Lord.
Elder Anderson got to bear his testimony as a missionary one more time and with that, he was released.  It was a spiritually rewarding experience to hear what he had to say.  He loves his Savior and has become well-acquainted with the atonement of the Lord.
And although it was a very hard thing to do, it was Elder Anderson's mom's responsibility to remove his missionary nametag.  Ben is now moving on with his life - still a representative of the Lord, but now in a different way.  He is doing great!