Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Name Engraved in Your Heart


You wake up like normal it's another great day
you get out of bed and on your knees to pray
you have so many things to be thankful for...
your family, your investigators, and so much more
you get dressed and put on the same smelly clothes
that have a few stains and maybe some holes
but you still look your best because there's work to do
remember the work is great, and the laborers few
you look at your companion and just have to smile
you miss being around him after only a while
you are used to having someone always there
to listen and at least pretend to care
you have done all your studies and its now time to leave
to go and tell the world the things you believe
so you put on your plaque and walk out the door
still after 24 months your strength starts to soar
that name that you wear besides your own
has helped you get through all the unknown
your savior, redeemer, teacher and friend
 the perfect example of how to endure to the end
in a couple of days you won't wear his name
 and you begin to think things won't be the same
are you ready to leave all of this behind
as you struggle with your new life to find?
but you shouldn't be worried with all that you've braved
day after day his name's been engraved
deep in your heart forever he'll stay
in good times and bad so come what may
just because the mission you'll finish
doesn't mean the work will diminish
there are people at home now waiting for you
so prepare yourself for his work you'll do
and when you need just a little head start
remember the name that's engraved in your heart.

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