Monday, September 20, 2010

First Letter

We got a letter today from Elder Anderson who has been in the MTC since last Wednesday.  We were so excited that he wrote to us.  Here are some highlights:
  • The food isn't as good as he had been lead to believe, but he thinks the salad bar is pretty good.
  • He was worried that he might have trouble with his companions, but he LOVES them!
  • His companion is from Gilbert, Arizona, his other roomies are from South Jordan and Las Vegas
  • One of his roomies is "da bomb!"
  • He doesn't have enough casual shirts
  • He needs those shoe stretcher things...
  • He hasn't shed a tear

So, it seems like all is well for Ben!

1 comment:

  1. I was told a few years back..while in the MTC they love care packages....poptarts and candy. I did granola bars too. He told me later I kept him well fed since he never did make it to breakfast while he was there. LOL!