Sunday, October 30, 2011


Elder Anderson is now in Kennewick, Washington, the headquarters of his mission.  Here are some excerpts from his latest e-mail.

"I am here at the library today but don't have much time.  So many new things in the new part of the Tri-cities.  Its so much fun.  I now cover two wards and they are really really cool.  I am loving them so much already.  I am serving in the Hansen Park ward and the Rancho Reota ward.  The zone leaders use to have Rancho and they just changed this transfer.  So in a way i got doubled in again with the Rancho ward.  But elder Torgeson has been in the Hansen park ward for 3 months now so he knows the area pretty well.

1. Sorry i don't know my address yet to be honest.  [send all letters to the address in the header of this blog]  But i've been in the office every day for the last week. Its in my area or at least a mile out of it.  So if you could just not worry and send it there it will take the same amount of time.  I will get that to you asap.

2. We have a our own little apartment really... in the basment of a members house.  There names are the Perry family.  They are really nice but very very strict. ...We have our own kitchen and everything downstairs and its away from all of their stuff so we enjoy it.

3.  Its really nice.  I'm actualy in a new chapel.  Its so neat.  Its like the one back home but a few years newer.  We have all mapel doors it looks so nice.  And to be honest we are in a very rich part of town so we have some nice members and they are dressed up more so we enjoy it a little more. "

4. My companion is Elder Tyler Torgeson

5. He's from Palmdale California

6. He hits his year mark in two days so Oct 27th.  He was suppose to come out when i was but then i moved mine forward as you remember.

7. On PDay we were told earlier in the week that today was the temple so we got up at 5 and went to the temple till about 9.  Now its just normal p-day things but i still have to shop for alot of things and get everything taken care of for the new area.  I HATE UNPACKING.

8.  I got the Halloween  box.  I got the burger king card as well.  I will use that today for sure. thanks mom!! :D

9.  The rules are changing a little bit here. We are able to get on the computer and look at church websites whenever we want.  Missionaries in other missions are using facbook to help the work.  We have texting now i can't beleive that one still.  And we might be able to have old ipods that don't have internet access for music.  So i am pretty excited.  That means i could send for that when it comes time."

Elder Anderson LOVES hearing from you!  He only has 10 1/2 months left, so you'd better hurry and send him a letter! 

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