Monday, March 28, 2011

The Latest from the Dalles

"Another week and another transfer has past here in The Dalles zone and another transfer has come and gone for me.  Wow i have been out 4 transfers already and i have had 3 companions and served in 2 different areas.  I can't believe that i have had the opportunity to see all these wonderful people and be able to serve the lord out in such a beautiful place.  Yesterday i was able to find out if i was going to be transferred to a different area and have a new companion and i was pretty nervous about leaving my area and getting a new companion.  But this transfer call was a really good call.  Neither Elder Hobbs or i am getting transfered or my other favorite companionship  that is here in the dalles.  So as of transfers there pretty much was nothing.  Everything stayed the same except for two people in our entire zone haha.  So i am pretty stoked for this next transfer.
Today we are going golfing for free and i'm so excited.  We will be going with another companionship in the dalles that we are really close to and we have a blast together so we will have so much fun.  But also we will be with an investigator of ours named JR Walker.  He is 14 years old and he is a stud.  He is so really cool and wants to be baptized so bad.  But his mom won't let him until he reads the entire bible and the b.o.m. and prove that he truly wants to be bapitzed and its not just his grandparents that are helping him be baptized into the church.  So that is kind of sad but i am excited to go play golf with him cause i know it will just make our relationship with him grow even closer.   The work here in the past two weeks has been really quite slow.  It hasn't been all that fun.  We have had investigator after investigator drop us and tell us to not come back so much recently.  We even had a gator (investigator) that was looking forward to baptism and even said she would be baptized leave a note on her door and tell us that she didn't want us to come back and she wanted us to delete her phone number from our phone.  We were pretty heart  broken when these things happened cause these types of things have been happening the last few weeks and its starting to weigh on our minds.  But we are trying to look on the positive side and to keep the work progressing."

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