Monday, March 7, 2011

What a beautiful place!

Elder Ben's sweet girlfriend, Britni, got some pictures from him and shared them with us.  What a beautiful place Elder Ben is serving in...
We're not sure which river it is, but we think it's probably very cold!  This was probably taken in January!
Yes, it looks like he's wearing some sort of fedora!  Mighty fine, Elder!
Elder Anderson's family always makes gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve.  We think this must be a sorta kinda gingerbread house!

It looks like Elder Anderson is goofing off.  I wonder how the Lutherans felt about it!

Here is an excerpt from the questions and answers e-mail we got recently:

1.Is that the correct address?  I think that is the correct address but i don't know for sure.  I did get a package from you that had cloths in it and i really apprceated those cloths i will be wearing them today hopefuly. :D
2.Did you get the box I sent there?  What did you like best?    I liked the cloths alot.  Plus the money wasn't to bad ;)\
3.Did things fit?  I don't know but i'm guessing they do.  Hopefully they do!! :D
4.Is this new area drier or as wet as Vancouver?  Is it pretty?  What does it look like?  It is alot drier.  It would have to be in my opinion a mix between utah and washington in green wise. But also it has alot of cliffs and things that are different.
5.What do you think about your mission president?  You've met with him at least three times but you haven't really given us your impressions of him.  He is a really good man.  He truly is a spiritual giant.  I don't know very much about him or my impressions about him cause i truly just don't have one. Its like looking at the prophet. But just he isn't as powerful haha.
6.Does your companion go work with other missionaries in your district sometimes?   Yes he does.  I already did splits with the zone leaders last weekend and this wed i am going to a tiny little town called goldendale with a different man from nevada.
7.When are you going to send back your MTC daily calendar that you said you'd send to us so we could see what your days were like there.  I just keep forgetting.  I just have to get myself to the post office here to get a bigger envelope.  And also i have kept all of my planners cause i number them and i want to remember what i did that transfer.
8.Have you seen anyone (elder or sister) from our area while you've been out there? (Janae Webber from LP and Cedar Hills is there and at least one other guy from LP I think)  Yes there are a few other people i have ran into from lp over the last few months.  I have ran into elder tyler peterson from alpine ut and he graduated a year before me.  Also elder cody mack from cedar hills.  He graduated the same year as i did.  But also a kid named jason richey.  He got here last transfer.
9.What's the family like that you live with?  They are a really cool family.  He owns a contracting company and he also is a huge hunter.  I think it would be intresting to some time call over there and talk to them and ask them about contracting and stuff.  And there name is bro and sis wolf.
10.What was the transfer day like?  Did you have a meeting before you got in vans to drive to The Dalles? It was a good transfer we just all meet at the same place and have a little prayer get in the vans and drive haha.  So it wasn't anything to special.  It was just a fun little experience.

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