Friday, May 13, 2011

Message from Pasco

Elder Anderson sent us a message from his new location in Pasco, Washington.

"So one phone call down and 2 more to go. HAHA.  Only 7 more months as well until i get that next phone call.  Which is less then the time then i have been out already.  WOW that is sorta crazy.  5 more days and will have been out for 8 months.  The time truly does fly by so quick like everybody says.  Yet at the same time all i can remember is the mission.  I can't remember home much at all.  Which in my eyes is a blessing.  Because i had a pretty comfortable home life and i had everything pretty much going my way.  So i am glad i am not really able to remember so clearly those times and just be able to focus on my mission.  I think that is one of the blessings that the lord has given me sense i have come out. 

  Like you all know i was able to talk to you this last sunday!!  YAY for me and ya for you.  I had alot of fun and it was a wonderful mothers day.  I hope you all wished mom a happy mothers day and a happy birthday those days.  If not.  THere is always a time to say you love her and appreciate her.  Cause you never know how long you got to tell her those precious words.

  Thanks for taking time out of your busy sunday to be able to come and talk to me.  I know that you all have so much to do and so many family members to still see.  SO thank you for giving me an hour of your day and letting me express my feelings for the family and also for mom.

  THanks for the love and support family.

Love you all

Elder anderson"

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