Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update from Pasco

Elder Anderson has been pretty busy in Pasco, Washington so his parents have had to remind him to take time to give them a little more information in his e-mails.  Here's the latest.
"I know i have been slacking, but it is just alot harder then i had ever thought to keep on top of writting while taking the bull by the horns in your area.  Training a missionary in your area and the people and teaching all the lessons by yourself is quite a big responsibility.  Its almost like training a new missionary. But luckly not that bad yet. 
 As you both know i have gotten a new companion this last transfer.  His name is elder schmidt  and he is from west valley UT.   He has been out 10 1/2 months and is a cool guy. As always you get along great for the first few weeks.  Its the last few that are the test.  Our area has been good so far with elder Schmidt.  As a new companionship we had the best numbers that this area has put out in all of 2011.  We are doing pretty good and are having a good time while we are doing it.  Thats the best part.  We have a few investigators and i will give you a brief summary of names.  Mavi, Wissie family, Spencer, Mercedies, Rakel, THe hazen family, Aaron and Tasha, Armando Chavez, and a hopefully investigator named sister purcel.   Thank you for sending the letters i have been getting them.  We have had the wrong address a couple of times remember that it sis 8308 not 8303.   So please make sure it is to the right address.  Thank you for the shoes i did get them they fit great and i have gone running in them already and they work great."

His address is:
Elder Benjamin Anderson
8308 Orcas Dr. 
Pasco, WA, 99301

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  1. Laurie, I'm glad to hear Ben's doing so great! It's great to catch up on him here. You posted some fun pictures on facebook too. Thanks for his address. I will write him for sure. I hope the rest of your wonderful family is doing well.