Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staying in Beautiful Pasco

Elder Anderson is enjoying Pasco, Washington and gets to stay there another six weeks.  Here are some questions and answers from his latest e-mail.

"Today is a great day over here in the great state of Washington.  Its a warm day and i have a car.  What else does a man have to ask for.  My essential needs are taken care of and i can enjoy the time with my fellow missionary friends and learn things such as piano and things hopefully at the church."

1. How is your foot doing? My foot!!  My foot is doing great i have my cast and i am walking a little bit.  I hate having to be stuck in it and not being able to move my ankle it drives me crazy!!!!  But if all goes well i will have it off in 4 weeks and then i will be able to run around and have a great time with the missionaries and doing the work.
2. How are your investigators progressing?  We are excited to be working with more and to just be here in pasco.  If you didn't know already i will be staying in pasco for another six weeks with elder Schmidtt
3. What's the weather like?  The weather has been great over here.  Has been really low this year when it comes to temperature.  We are averaging in the mid 90's and we have the car lately so it has been nice to have a/c and not be walking around in the sun.  Even though i have lost some of my tan because of it :(  But that doesn't matter for another year.
4. Do you need anything?  I am in some need soon for some white shirts.  I will be getting rid of all the ones i have now soon because they are starting to rip and to get stained but they will last for a while longer.  But i will need some more within the next two months."

His parents plan to send some shirts soon!

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