Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What, a Broken Foot? or Not?

July 6th Message from Elder Anderson -
I am doing great over here.  This week has been an eventful one.  On monday due to the fact it was 4th of july our p-day was moved to the 4th.  But problem was that on a national holiday all of the public stuff is closed.  The library couldn't be used.  So we had to be moved to a different day.  But our zone conference was yesterday so we had to wait tell today.  So i apologize for the late e-mail.  I hope i didn't offend anybody.  I did not forget.  I almost got a family to call and text you guys about it but i had an accident that ended up taking the rest of my evening on monday and tuesday. 
  On monday it was our personal day and we were able to have some fun.  So we went out and about and of course were did we go.  The church!! Haha.  We were there and we played basketball.  Well during my first game we were playing pretty intense and having a dandy good time.  I went to run around a screen that somebody had picked because i had to guard a man really close and i stepped on his foot.  Usually my ankle is pretty strong.  And guess what. This time it was again.  But i found out that your foot isn't as strong as your ankle all the time.  I stepped a weird way and i almost fell to the ground. I couldn't walk and ended up staying in a wheelchair the rest of the day.  Then came zone conference and i talked to the mission president and his wife about my foot.  Well i got it looked at by a doctor because i could barely walk on it.  HAHA.  I was diagnosed with two days bed rest with my foot elevated and ice on it.  If it doesn't get any better during those two days i will be going in for x-rays.  So keep me in your prayers. Haha.  I will get more news to you soon if it is fractured.  The mission presidents wife will give mom a call if i need to get x-rays. 

Thanks for the love

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