Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Prayers are Answered

What prayers were answered?  Last week Elder Anderson asked us to pray for him that he would find people to teach the Gospel to.  If you read # 3 below, you'll see why this title for this blog.

He will be staying in his Evergreen Ward in Vancouver, Washington through the holidays!  If you want to send him a Christmas gift, you can send it to:
Elder Benjamin Anderson

Vancouver, WA 98682
Here are some highlights of the past week:
  1.  I have enjoyed being able to do a bunch of work and see all of our investigators and less actives within the ward. 
  2. I was able to give a blessing to a lady who is getting baptised this friday. And that was a very humbling experience. Her foot was hurting her very badly and she was told by the docter that she has gout or however you spell it.
  3. This week was the best work week we have had sinse we have been here.  We were able to get double digits in lessons this week and we were able to talk to at least 5 investigators.  
  4. This morning has been very intresting as well. We set up a trap about  a week ago and we put fish and nuts in there to attract some animals that we havn't seen but are looking for. This animal is like  a rat and has a very ugly long tail. Well we caught one this morning. it was a possum. I got pictures of it and will be sending them to mom and dad soon. But would like to fill up the card a little more before i send it.

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