Sunday, December 26, 2010

The BEST Christmas OoVoo Ever

A bit of explanation after telling all who read this "Merry Christmas!"

There is a program sort of like Skype where you can video conference called OoVoo.  OoVoo is a program on the computers of the members where Elder Anderson is staying in Vancouver so we put it on our computer, too.  With ooVoo you can video conference more than two computers, so yesterday when Elder Anderson called home, most everyone was at his home, but one family was away but were able to participate anyway.  It was such a great present to see Ben.  He is supremely happy and even complained once that he was smiling so much his cheeks hurt!
Here are a couple of pictures of the family gathered around the laptop.
 He called at about 10 AM on Christmas Day.  Some of the siblings were already here, others weren't.  Britni was here all ready to go!  Ben's parents got to speak for a couple of minutes first and then each family got 3 or 4 minutes. 
 Even Shadow got a turn.  She heard his voice but couldn't figure out where he was!  It was so cute with her ears perking up and her head twisting from side to side!  Elder Anderson enjoyed this immensely!

 You can see Elder Anderson on the left and his sister and brother-in-law on the right.

Britni got her specially made by Ben crocheted scarf while she was talking to him.  She loved it.  Elder Anderson said that he spent his time between 9:30 and 10 PM many nights making the scarf!

Ben seems sincerely happy and his family misses him immensely but we are so glad he is doing such a good job!

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