Saturday, December 4, 2010

Temples, Car Accidents and Grey Days

We waited and waited for e-mail to come on Tuesday this week, but it came later in the day than usual. Why?  Because the missionaries were able to go the the Portland Temple.  He spent Thanksgiving at the bishop's house.
Here are some excerpts from Elder Ben's last e-mail:

1. While in Portland, they got to some famous places for a few minutes.
2.  Also "I was able to see my first car accident right in front of me today on the freeway. I now agree with some other people that I really do not like to drive in the pouring rain."
3.  "It's starting to get really grey here all the time and the sun sets by around 4 PM and rises around 7 AM so I am starting to miss the vitamin D. 
4.  We also got some bad news for the family and friends back home :(  Andon has not quit smoking as of now and so we have to postpone his baptism and set a goal to have it on Britni's birthday :D.. But I'm also scared because by then I could be out of the area and I won't be able to see him get baptised if I leave. But I know I was lucky enough to see him and help him progress.

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