Monday, December 20, 2010

Pictures - a Great Christmas Gift!

Last week , as I was leaving a store, someone called my cell phone.  She asked for "Sister Anderson" and I replied that was me.  She said she was a member of Elder Anderson's ward in the Evergreen Stake in Vancouver, Washington and that she was having the elders over for dinner that night.  She wanted to know what sort of food he liked to eat (I told her he'd eat just about anything) and she then proceeded to tell me that Ben and his companion were really good missionaries.  She said she wouldn't call his parents if he were a mediocre missionary like some of them were!  She also said that they seem to get along great and work well together.  Ben had previously said that they love each other like brothers and that they fight like brothers, too haha.  (He always adds those "hahas" just like he were texting on his phone!.  The best thing she said was that 98% of the time she can tell who the new missionary was but with Ben she most certainly could not!  She said he just doesn't seem new.  That was great news to Elder Anderson's family!

We were then so excited on Saturday when we found an envelope in our mailbox with a return address of Vancouver, Washington!  It had been over a month since we had gotten something like that in our mail.  Inside was an SD card of pictures including a guided tour of Elder Anderson's place.  Here's how great he looks!

He said that this was the first snow Vancouver had had in two years and everyone there was so excited!  You can still write him a Merry Christmas card and send it if you do it soon!

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