Thursday, December 9, 2010

No sugar at Christmas? That IS a miracle!

Elder Ben seems to be doing good in Vancouver, Washington.  He says that the weather is better in December than it was in October and November, less rainy.  He says he is NOT missing the rain!  
(Note - Ben types like he texts!  His mother has been fixing the lower case i's and turning them into I's and fixing the words that aren't capitalized, but she's tired of doing that.  So partway through this blog, Ben's mom quit fixing some of his misspellings!) 
Here are some more comments:
  1. "The holiday season is finally here and I am getting into the spirit of Christmas.  I have been listening to Christmas songs and have been singing along and loving it. But as a sister of mine had said she missed the Christmas songs that home played. Well I'll admit it. I am missing Christmas music alot."  He asked for The Forgotten Carols and his big brother, Jake and big sister Amy, found it an alot of other Christmas CD's and over-nighted them to him!  We're sure he'll be so happy because as he says in the next comment -
  2. I'd love to have that CD and "preferably before [Christmas] so I don't have to listen to it just on Christmas day and then put it away for a year haha."
  3. "Congratulations for a certain little somebody that isn't so little anymore and that has now been accepted into the fold.  Little Isabel. . . has been baptized as of Dec 4th and i would like to say to her how proud i am of her and i wish i could have been there but i am helping others do the exact same thing that she did and it is very important. I am so proud of her and want to tell her that her favorite uncle is out here supporting her." 
  4. Last but not least i would like to brag about myself haha.  I want to tell you all that i have officially been on i would like to say a sugar diet for about a month and a half now. My companion and i are not allowed to eat sugar unless it is desert at a members after dinner because that would be rude if we didn't take it ;) .  But i am proud of myself. And would like to put out there that i have lost 10 lbs sense i have left the MTC and i am planning on losing another 10 before christmas.  I hope so. And with hope anything can be possible.
 What an example - dieting at Christmas time!  Wow! 
Elder Ben asks for all who are reading his e-mails or this blog, to send him your questions so he can let us know things we are interested in.  Here is his address again.  The next transfers take place after Christmas.
Elder Benjamin Anderson

Vancouver, WA 98682

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