Friday, December 31, 2010

Responsibility for the New Year

The most recent e-mail from Elder Anderson has some exciting news!
Here is the exact quote:
"Welcome to the new year (almost).  This week has been very fun and intresting.  I'll first start with transfers and how that kinda went crazy for a couple of days.  So on christmas i told everybody we are getting phone calls weather or not we get transferd and we would find out that night if we were or not. Well around 6 pm on christmas night we got a voicemail and we were pretty excited about the news and if anybody was going to be transfered. Well the message was from the ap's and it was talking about transfers but problem was they said that we weren't going to find out until monday night and that we have to wait for the news.  How lame is that :(  i had to wait for another 2 days jsut thinking about if elder morgan and i are getting split up and who my companion will be and what area we will be shipped off to war in.    Well with a long but very exciting two days that went by monday arrived and we got a few voicemails saying a few things that we were quite excited about.  We found out that with the phone call with transfers we will not just find out if we are getting transfereed but we will find out were we are going and who our companion is.  THE WHOLE 9 Yards.  So we were pretty excited. And thinking that elder morgan was district leader and that he was getting so much attention from the mission president i was like 85% sure i was leaving so on monday morning i actualy started to clean up around the house and get my stuff reall organized for the long pack for me being transfered.  But as i was doing that we got  a voicemail!!  It was transfers and there were some dramatic changes that were being made with this area.  We found out some really intresting things in those quick 3 mins.  Elder morgan is getting transfered i am staying in the evergreen ward but elder morgan is just literally going to the ward right next to me and our ward boundries are 100 yards from the house i am staying at. Also i am getting a new companion of course and i know who it is. YOu all do. HAHA he was in the mtc with me he is elder dixon and he previously served in pasco, WA and got sent over here with me.  I have alot of pressure on my shoulders now. President knows i can handle things well and he is putting me in charge of the entire area with two missionarys that don't even have more then 6 months experience together total. So i can feel the pressure but i can just feel the excitment and the anticipation for this transfer cause i know it will be a very fun one and it will be amazing!!!  
Christmas was last week as everybody knows and i was able to talk to everybody!! :D  I appreciate all of the time you guys gave me for being able to talk to you and i appreciate you maybe missing some of your time with other familys to have the chance to talk to me. It means alot. Also thank you for the presents that so many of you sent and thank you for the christmas cards. It means alot ot have the family/ friends care about me.  Thank you expecially to Britni, mom & dad, And jake and amber for this christmas and all of there efforts they put in for making it one of the best christmas's i could ever ask for. 
And so to the family i am still in my area for at least another 6 weeks so that means go ahead and keep on sending your letters directly to the house if you feel like it and a reminder to amy that she needs to send the 3 letters that she has already addressed and stamped so i can hear how she is doing and how my wonderful hooligans of necies and nephews are going.  
Thank you all for all that you do and thank you for a wonderful christmas."

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