Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Elder Anderson and the Micronesian

According to Elder Benj,

"This week has been wonderful.  We have had some new investigators and we have met some very determined people that want to hear about the gospel.  We committed somebody to baptism yesterday.  YAY!!!  He is planning on being baptized on Dec. 4th.  He is from Micronesia.  He is about 34 years old and loves the spirit and knows that we are sent here for a special reason.  He is very loving and has that islander personality.  He is very funny, laughs alot and always is smiling.  He always gives us so much food and makes sure that we finish it all and always keeps us satisfied.  This week we had papaya and turkey tail. HAHA.  TURKEY TAIL.  It was wierd but amazingly really good. ;)   He is getting married on Nov 4th and we are so excited for him."
And even though we sent him more ties, "Does anybody have any polyester ties?  All my silk ones are getting wet and actualy are starting to get ruined so I am only trying to wear the crappy ones :( .  Hopefully you have good looking polyester ties if anybody feels charitable enough to help me out :D."

His parents love that he sent a scripture for us to read and consider - ALMA 34: 28-29,32.  He says, "This scripture is very important to me and I really think this is how we should be.  So please read it with your families or just in private and if possible send your response on what you think about it to me before next week."
 Funny story for the week -
"This week as we were standing on the curb waiting for one of our members to pick us up for dinner we were talking as cars were zooming by.  There was a Scion that drove by that had blaring music.  The driver and passenger inside were around 25 and had full on facial hair.  These men were head bobbing to their music.  We thought nothing of it. But as they went by a second time I started to laugh cause of something I remembered at home.  These two men looked like the hamsters on the commercial where they are listening to music and head bobbing to it in there car.  We laughed so hard.  So if you get the chance look that up on youtube or something and then you will know what I saw this week haha"
"The rainy season has started. There should be no sun coming through the clouds now for supposedly 90 days. So that will be interesting.  The roads are always wet here so if anybody is scared of the rain ;) they might not want to live up here."
Elder Anderson's family is so proud of his dedication and so thrilled that he is helping to bless people's lives.  He has three more weeks before he could be transferred, so if you're sending ties, be sure to do it soon!

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