Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the Field that is White...or rather Green...

Ben says that where he lives in Vancouver is sort of like living in Orem but with about 5000 more trees!  His area is only about 2 square miles and he walks. His parents have sent money for a bike which he will get soon.  He says he'll lose weight except that each night they eat a a member's house and they feed them well!
More highlights  from today's e-mail - 
1.  "I am loving it and I hope that you have seen the blessings from me being out here as a full time missionary."
2.  "I have seen the blessings from consecrating myself to the Lord and I am loving the opportunities he gives me to spread the gosepl.  
3. " I am waiting urgently for the news of home. I want to know everything. But not through e-mail. Please send me letters -  14006 NE 45th Street, Vancouver, WA,  98684.  I love to get letters,"
4.  He has pictures that his nephews sent hung in his room.
5.  "I am loving it up here in the Washington Kennewick mission."
6.  "My companion's name is Elder Morgan from Orem Utah. He went to Orem High and graducated in 2008.  He played baseball and was the pitcher. He played at UVU and was the pitcher there as well.  I love him to death and he really helps me work hard and love the area."
7. " Dylan got my longboard last sunday.  That was cool and I hope he enjoys that".  
8.  "Also Meg you better let me drive my truck when I get back there or I will wither up and die. I miss that thing and hope you take good care of it.  Sorry I didn't take very great care of it. And btw it needs an oil change really really badly. I am like 7 thousand over."
9.  "Love you all"
 Elder Anderson

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