Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love, love, love Tuesdays!

Elder Ben has done a good job so far of sending his family an e-mail on Tuesdays, his preparation day.  Today he wrote a long one with lots of newsie news.

It was his second "p-day" in the mission field and he says he loves teaching the gospel.  Yesterday he taught an investigator from Micronesia whom he describes as "very, very nice" who feeds them lots of food including 2 plates of rice with "good stuff to put top of it. (i guess it was papaya and beef)."  He called it "really different," but so good that he didn't have dinner at the member's house that night.

His routine includes"getting up at 6:30 every morning. Just like normal and doing some excerises and making myself some breakfast.  Then getting ready.  At 8 i have personal study and kinda recharge my knowledge for the day. at 9 we go into comapnionship study and start to go through the lessons we have planned for the day and plan a lesson for them.  At 10 we go out and start tracting or go to an appointment. We really don't enjoy early morning tracting everybody is waking up and is mean. HAHA.  at 12 we have lunch and we make that back at the house. Just simple things like pb&J or top roman or anything nice and easy.  After that we go back out to our appointments or tract tell 5.  At 5 or 5:30 we go have dinner with members.  We have dinner planned for us at a members house every night. It is very fun. HAHA.  We always have desert and a huge meal cause of course it is a really big deal that the missionarys are over."

They present a message they prepared for the family and ask them to pray for them and other missionaries around the world.  He says that they are so full that they "can't walk cause they fed us so much" and so the members drive them home!  They get ready to go out tracting or to go on an exchanges at 7. Exchanges are when each missionary goes out with a different member of the ward and they enjoy this a lot. 

"And we go tell around 8:30 or 9 depending on if we are at an appointment or not.  People just don't like us knocking on doors around 8:30 at night. I don't understand why ;) .  We then go home and plan for the next day. Who we are going to teach or what area we are going to tract." 

They get out of the dress clothes they have been in for 13 or more hours and either go get in bed and say companionship prayer or "we play hacky sack and talk to the family that we live with until about 10. "

"And then we hit the sack and pray for our families back home and look at your pictures write in our journals and then dream about all of yall back home.  That is my day most every day and i enjoy it alot."

He tells of his first day tracting when they were let into a home by a young Russian girl whose sister ended up coming out into the room they were in twice dressed only in a towel!  What a first day of tracting experience!
He "would love pictures of the mountains with all of those trees turning nice colors" and as much snail mail as possible." 

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  1. Sounds like a long day to me....at least he is getting well fed. LOL!