Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Guy!

Ben's doing awesome.  His parents got another e-mail Thursday.  Ben is asking that until he leaves the MTC (Oct. 5) that we send letters/packages through  His mailbox is 182 and be sure to use his middle initial (P) in his name.

Some highlights -
1.  He loves getting packages!
2.  He is busy, busy, busy from 6:30 to 10:30 even on p-days
3.  "I have really likde just being able to stay busy and being able to learn these lessons. I have felt the spirit pretty much the entire time. So that was nice to be able to know that the spirit is with me constantly. And that just has made me improve as a person so much more in the last couple of weeks."
4.  "This week I have gotten two lessons down . I have gotten a few principles down as well. That was nice to be able to keep working on those. I have gotten a  book that I can organize as well and keep my thoughts where they should be. And that is nice to be able to just know where everything is."
5.  I really appreciate all of the love you guys give me and would like to tel.l you that you have helped me through this hard and difficult process that I know is right. Please keep sending me letters and i promise  i will write back asap."
6.  "I love you all. Don't forget that."

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