Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Itty Bitty News But Still Good News Tuesday

We didn't get an e-mail from Ben today (wah!), but did get a letter.  It doesn't say much except -
1.  We didn't send a pillow when we sent the sheet set; he needs a pillow (will be sent tomorrow!)
2.  We didn't send his extra deodorant, toothpaste, etc.; he needs it (will be sent tomorrow!)
3.  Mr. Mac didn't get him the correct back-ordered second set of suit pants; the ones they sent are the wrong color.  I've called the store and they need a picture of the suit coat and pants because they think they sent him the right pants. 
4.  He'd really like more ties because of the 8 he took, one stains his shirt and 7 ties just isn't enough.  He says "I really bad need a lot more ties.  Like a camel needs water."  Funny!  I wondered why he didn't take more (at least a dozen more will be taken out of his closet and sent tomorrow!)
5.  He'd really like a third suit "if money isn't too tight."  Ha-ha.  I just transferred money into his bank account so he can buy a bike!  ....if money isn't too tight!  I don't think he'll be getting a third suit for a while unless one of you wants to buy it!
6.  He is living in a member's home in the basement.  "It is a very nice living area.  I enjoy it."
7.  They've gone tracting "and have had a good time so far."  I wonder what that means?

So that's about it.  He doesn't write very newsy letters, but we know he is doing good.  He is enjoying it and having a "good time." 

we have his mailing address! 
Here it is -
Elder Benjamin Anderson
14006 NE 45th Street
Vancouver, WA  98684

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  1. Just be thankful for the letter. LOL! Glad you heard from him and I like reading the small updates.